Friday, 17 October 2014

Elementals - Fire by Thia

We would like to share some information on the Elementals with you, this was part of the homework for our Kitchen Witch Online School from one of our fabulous students Thia:

Fire is a male energy associated with the South, noon and Summer. Fire rules over the will, energy, passion, sex, heat, flame, life, purification, destruction and healing. It’s tools are volcanoes, eruptions, explosions, fires of all kinds, candles, deserts, blood, spirit and the Sun. The colors are red, orange, crimson, gold and white (for the sun at noon).
The animals associated with fire are the lion and the horse. The crystals are fire opal, rubies, and garnets. The tarot suit is wands, to symbolize creation. Herbs associated with fire are red peppers (anything hot really, think of habanero, capsicum, etc.), chili, mustard, nettle, garlic and onion. The tree is the almond tree in flower.
Fire is my element. I almost always have candles going in my house. We light them for breakfast and dinner, I light them when I work in the morning (like right now), I love to make them and mix them with herbs, and I am a big fan of fireplaces. I love the soft light that a candle flame puts out, it is soothing to me.
Working with fire is useful if you want to ignite a change or you need to spark some energy around something. One of the first things we do when casting a circle is light a candle. It is the flame of creation. It is the spark of creating. It gives us energy, confidence and drive. In Witch’s work Fire represents “To will”.


Salamanders are not the lizards we see running around, they are found in the flames of a fire. They are darting, dancing and ever changing. Salamanders are associated with all things that have to do with heat and fire. Salamanders are Elementals to be respected and possibly even feared. Think of how temperamental fire is: It erupts and destroys, it rages, it ravages. You do not want to be in the path of a rampaging Salamander! But, like the phoenix, this destruction brings rebirth. It allows us to start again. Salamanders purify by banishing the old and allowing the new to come to light, using the flame of the Sun to nurture growth.
The detoxification shows up in our bodies as well. When we are sick and run a fever, that is the Salamander energy burning off toxins. Salamander elementals also oversee the heat in our bodies, aka our metabolism. They set the regulator for how we ‘burn’ calories. Low fire means low energy, a slow metabolism and sluggishness. Without fire in our bodies we feel fatigue, lethargy, a lack of creativity, we lose the ability to concentrate and lose interest in sex (again, a creating energy).
As witches we will use a flame to signify burning negative energies and then we bury the ashes in the earth, cast them to the wind or run them under water – but it is the fire that destroys.
There are some essential oils and incenses that can help us conjure up the heat energy, my favorite is dragon’s blood, but you can use frankincense, patchouli, mugwork, heliochrysum, and of course sage. Herbs that help are cinnamon, peppermint, ginger, nutmeg, rosemary, and of course, pepper.
When we are healthy and the Salamander energy is flowing we feel confident, we are assertive, and vital. Too much Salamander and we get aggressive, rageful, arrogant and vain. To counteract this use herbs that ground or dampen (see Earth and Water).


According to the King of the Fire Element is called Djinn. King Djinn is of average height with a very muscular build. He has tanned brown skin and a bald head. His armour is ornate and has the characteristics of dragons or salamanders. Armoured plates arranged in two offset rows begin on the crown of his head and continue along the length of the spine (similar to those seen on a stegosaurus). He has garnet eyes and a stern expression. Both his face and body are covered with light scars contrasting his brown skin. Of particular note are what appear to be thin, winding burn scars on his hands and wrists. These are not accidental but an artistic form of branding or scarification making an ornate flame design. He wears worn, but well cared for, plate armour with no shoes and carries a sword in each hand. King Djin typically appears surrounded by fire and speaks loudly and very directly and will not hesitate to challenge you if he feels you lack the proper magical authority or are not showing proper respect. Ensure you have good self control and are very clear on your will before summoning this King. King Djinn should be the last of these rulers called.
Djinn governs such things as energy, vitality and life, transformation, courage, inner strength and spiritual conviction. 

The female energy is Corona. Corona appears as a nude woman whose body is completely made of fire. Her hair is at the same time long and short, as it changes with the flickering of the flames. Her body is constantly moving but her actual movements are fewer than other spirits. Her sigil is:

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the first Archangel. He is a warrior and an angel of death. He is also an angel of protection and courage. His colors are red and variants of red (such as orange and violet) or silver and gold.
Michael can help with motivation, energy, ambition and achievement. He represents truth and integrity, courage and protection. One could call on him for power, leadership, ambition, and success or victory. He would also be appropriate for growth, change and transformation, enlightenment, healing, confidence and vitality.
Michael’s cards are the Sun and Strength. 

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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Elementals - Air by Thia

We would like to share some information on the Elementals with you, this was part of the homework for our Kitchen Witch Online School from one of our fabulous students Thia:
Air is a masculine element associated with intellect, thought, the mind, knowledge, learning, theory and all things mental. It is associated with the east, dawn and Spring. Air encompasses wind, towers, peaks, and breath. The colors associated with Air are white and bright yellow.
The animals associated with air are birds, especially ravens, crows, bats and owls. The gem is topaz. Incense used with air include acacia, benzoin, lavender, gum, mastic, honeysuckle, frankincense, myrrh, yarrow and vervain.  Its tree is the Aspen. The tarot suit for Air is swords or rods depending on your deck. We see the feather, athame, incense and the censor as elements of air that we use on our altar.
When I think of air I always think of it around my face and head. Perhaps that is because when I am out walking my head is always uncovered, whereas the rest of me, especially in the fall and winter is covered and can’t feel the wind. Of course it could also be that Air is associated with the mental aspect of our lives.
Working with Air in magic is good for communication, creativity, the written or spoken word, business endeavors, poetry, and problem solving. When I first started working with the tarot decks I was amazed at how dark many of the swords cards are. This is where a lot of the despair, destruction, and devastation cards are. I have come to interpret this as saying if you only live your life through your head, you are destined for a bleak existence. Air has an alluring call. It is all too easy to be in our head all the time trying to figure out how to get by and what to do next. So much of our society is based on what we do and what we have. For most people those questions are answered from the space of Air. But if you look at the people like Thich Nhat Hanh or the Dalai Lama, they are centered in Water that is well balanced with Air and Earth and Fire. It is the balance that is required to have a full and rich life.
If we are out of balance and weigh to heavily with air we can come across as cold, calculating and uncaring. If our thoughts are disorganized we may be known as an airhead. One way of balancing ourselves with Air is to focus on our breath. I know that all I have to do to calm and center myself is to focus on long, slow, deep breaths and I am instantly calm. This is how I enter meditation and how I work with the not infrequent bouts of insomnia. Fighting air with air. If I am too much in my head, I transform that into prana yama.
In Witch’s work, Air represents “To Know.”


The Sylphs are probably the closest to what we as children considered to be fairies (as opposed to the Fae). They are generally thought of as light, svelte, and able to flitter and fly. Sylphs are said to live in the clouds or on the tops of mountains.
The Sylphs are likely the embodiment of what the Greeks referred to as the muses. They bring inspiration for art and poetry and beauty. The Sylphs also help us with reasoning and logic. They can help Botticelli create amazing art and Einstein create amazing science.
We interpret our life through our thoughts. Given this you could say that Sylphs can aid us if we get to negative or critical in our interpretation. They can also help balance us if we are too dreamy, in other words our head is in the clouds. An overdose of Air may leave us feeling flighty, scattered, paranoid, or hyper-sensitive. Since incense is an element that works with Air we can use clary sage, lemon, lavender or chamomile to calm us. Without air we may be dull or have no creativity, curiosity or imagination. Rosemary, peppermint, parsley, geranium and ylang-ylang can help stimulate our minds.
I now live near the base of Tiger Mountain. It is a significant hike to the top, about a 2200 foot elevation gain and 5K each way. But on top you can see the forest reaching out and you can feel the breeze flow up the canyons and around the crowns of the trees. You feel the boundless space of the air and the sky surrounding you. I expect to become fairly well acquainted with the air up there as well as the earth leading to it.

King – Peralda

According to Paralda has appeared both as a quick and youthful man and as a wise and elderly scholar. His eyes are blue flecked with yellow. As a young man his hair is wavy and blond, cut just above the shoulders. As an elder, his hair appears longer, whiter and he also has a beard. The King of Air is tall and pale, with lean muscles built for agility, rather than strength. He wears a white, floor-length toga fastened with a simple cord and sandals. He carries a wand or staff with him, and wears a circlet of light yellow metal. His expression is often pensive, and has a feeling of deep understanding about him. He also has a distinct air of joyfulness about him, and his elderly face bears quite a few laughter lines. Paralda often speaks in riddles and layers, with many of his statements having multiple potential interpretations.
His office is over things such as intellect, raw knowledge, direct communication, gnosis, wind and dust storms. The energy is unemotional, direct, flighty, and playful.

Queen Vayu is tall and thin with long legs and arms and pale skin. Her long, blond hair seems to float weightlessly behind her as she moves. She wears a thin circlet of white metal and carries book without markings in her hand. Her sigil is below.

Archangel – Raphael

Raphael works with magical intention in the areas of business, commerce, communication, and mental ability. His day is Wednesday, which is also associated with inspiration, writers, poets and the written and spoken word. Raphael has domain over study, learning and teaching. As such, if we want to learn about ourselves or improve ourselves, Raphael would be a good Archangel to ask for guidance from.
Raphael also rules travel – whether by road, rail or air. He works the sciences, cleverness, creativity, information, memory, perception and wisdom. I think Raphael would be a very advantageous Archangel to work with. My business is project management which requires a lot of problem solving, logic and thinking. I also do quite a bit of traveling to teach others how to manage projects. As well I have published eight books on project management. So I would say he holds dominion over my livelihood!
Raphael’s card is the Magician. The Magician works with knowledge for prophecy whereas the High Priestess works with feelings. An interesting contrast with Archangel Gabriel. Raphael’s symbol is the Seal of Mercury. Mercury is associated with communication and travel, so I can see the resonance there.

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Elementals - Water by Thia

We would like to share some information on the Elementals with you, this was part of the homework for our Kitchen Witch Online School from one of our fabulous students Thia:


Water is also considered a female element. It rules the emotions, feelings, intuition, divination and the unconscious. It is associated with west, twilight and autumn. Water encompasses the ocean, tides, waterfalls, lakes, pools, streams, rivers, springs, and rain. The colors of Water are blue, green, gray and indigo.
Animals associated with Water are serpents, dolphins, porpoises, whales, fish, seals and sea mammals, water-dwelling snakes, frogs and sea birds. It’s gems include peridot, emeralds, aquamarine, pearls, mother of pearl and shells. The tarot suit is cups/chalice. Herbs that accentuate the power of Water are ferns, lotus, mosses, rushes, seaweed, water lillies, and all water plants. Its tree is the willow.
When I feel water I feel peace and calm. I get a sense of the flow of life and how regardless of what feels so important at the time, ‘this too shall pass.’ Water can take its time, but it’s slow easy way will create lasting impressions, such as through canyons, or seeping up through the earth. Of course the power of water when mixed with wind is awesome! Hurricanes are amazing. The resulting storm surge and large waves are not very subtle at all. I am always in awe when I go to the shore and settle my thoughts and think that the waves I am seeing crashing on the shore originated thousands of miles away.
For me, Water is the element I have the most challenges with. I often get stuck in my head (air) and have to make a concerted effort to drop into my heart and emotions. In my younger years I did not have much control over my emotions, they ran rampant over me. This caused me to make emotional decisions, become easily infatuated and led to many years of depression. Over time I have dulled the edge of those youthful emotion binges. But, the cost is that I don’t feel as intensely as I did when I was younger. I am not consumed by emotions, but I am a little removed from them as well.
Water is the element I fear most. I suspect I drowned in a previous life because the thought of going under in the ocean and down into the dark, deep depths where you can’t see or breath and slowly asphyxiating is really quite terrifying for me to think about. I remember times when I was growing up that we would go to the beach and I would body surf. There were a number of times when I just got thrashed by the waves on the sand and held under and was absolutely powerless to do anything about it. I learned a lot of respect and a healthy fear of the ocean that way. I also learned that really, the ocean doesn’t care. If you drowned, the ocean doesn’t have any feelings about it whatsoever. There is no bargaining.
Working with Water in magic is good for dream work, intuition and divination (interesting how I am drawn to the gift of the element I am most challenged with). It is good for healing work as well. Think of the water element in our bodies (blood) and how it flows throughout bringing the toxins and waste through our liver and kidneys to be cleansed. In the Witch’s work we use Water to represent the compassion needed to do good magical work. It brings the feelings and emotions we need to build the personal power behind a spell.
When we don’t have enough Water energy in our lives we can become uncaring or depressed. Too much and we can become overly emotional and overwhelmed by our emotions. When we don’t have enough water in our bodies we become ill. It is the right balance of water that keeps everything flowing optimally.


Undines dwell wherever there is water, be it lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls or oceans. They can help us with empathy, healing, dreaming and expanding our psychic bodies. Undines can help us to assimilate and understand our life experiences. As in the example above they help us to see the flow of our life (like a river) and how our experiences contribute to that flow as well as help us know that regardless of what is happening now, we will continue to move down stream.
Because Undines rule emotion they can also help us develop compassion and empathy. They can help us develop more intuition and divinatory prowess. When we are unbalanced emotionally, and self-absorbed, wondering if we are worthy, or liked, we can work with the Water elementals to connect to our own self-love and remember that our journey down the river is our own, no one else’s.
The gift of the Undines is emotional balance - compassion and empathy without being overwhelmed or shut down. They can help us develop a steady even hand on our emotional tiller. As we master the domain of emotions we can ask them to work with us to focus our emotions into our magic to make it more potent.
It is said that the Undines are friendly and are willing to work with humans. They are passionate about beautifying the planet and love to work with plants (especially water plants) as much as the Gnomes.
In my new living quarters we are about 15K from an amazing waterfall called Snoqualmie Falls. I have been there several times. The power you feel being near all that water is beyond words. I plan on going there often, especially when I need to call on water energy to help me get into the right flow and let go of some of the air or fire that frequently consumes me. Check out the picture on the next page.

Niksa/Nixa/Nichsa – Water Elemental King

According to King Nichsa is of above-average height and is of a muscular and strong but not bulky build. His skin is pale, almost translucent with a blue hue that reveals his inner energy as it moves within his body. He has Long hair that falls just below his shoulders with the colours of silver, black and blue-green all present. He carries a scepter in his hands and wears an ornate crown made of coral and shells.
Nichsa's personality is more passive than the other Kings and Queens and he has a sincere and emotionally involved way of speaking. He has a feeling of relaxation and calmness about him that makes one feel at ease.
Queen Tritone appears as a beautiful, slender woman with cream coloured skin. Her long, wavy hair is black and flows around her in the swirls of water. Her eyes are icy blue, and she has an enticing smile. In her left hand she carries a cup with a conch shell bowl.

Archangel of Water Gabriel

Things start to get a little inconsistent when we bring in the Archangels. For example, I have read that Gabriel is associated with the South rather than the West. Other associations are more consistent, for example, his color is blue and his stones are aquamarine, clear quartz and moonstone. That all makes sense. Gabriel’s card is the High Priestess, which also makes sense as the Priestess is the great diviner. Interestingly, his script is Theban. As you will see I am doing my extra-curricular work on magical alphabets.
As the Archangel of Water, Gabriel’s domain is the flow of magical power, women, hearth and home. His day is Monday (Moon-Day). He works with energy for healing, psychic development and prophetic dreaming. He can help with boosting psychic abilities, astral travel, intuition, secrets, emotional issues, voyages, dreams and fertility.

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Elementals - Earth by Thia

We would like to share some information on the Elementals with you, this was part of the homework for our Kitchen Witch Online School from one of our fabulous students Thia:

The concept of Elementals was originated by a physician in the 15th Century who coincidently founded the science of toxicology, Philippus Aureolus Paracelsus. Paracelsus believed that each of the four primary elements consisted of a subtle principle as well as a gross corporeal substance.
Just as visible Nature is populated by an infinite number of living creatures, so, according to Paracelsus, the invisible, spiritual counterpart of visible Nature is inhabited by a host of peculiar beings, to whom he gave the name Elementals. Paracelsus divided these beings into four distinct groups: gnomes, undines, sylphs, and salamanders. He taught that they were living entities inhabiting worlds of their own, unknown to man because man’s undeveloped senses were incapable seeing beyond our own gross boundaries. He also said that the Elementals were not spirits, rather they are something in between mankind and spirits.
Elementals cannot be destroyed by the foundational elements of fire, earth, air, or water, because they function in a higher rate of vibration than earthly substances. Being composed of only one element, at the end of their existence they merely disintegrate back into the element from which they were originated. [i]

Earth is a female energy. It is associated with the north, midnight and Winter. She rules over the body, growth, nature, prosperity, fertility, birth, death, health, healing and silence. Her materials are stones, crystals, fields, groves, caves, chasms, mountains, forests, plants and metal. The colors of the earth are brown, green, and black.
Animals associated with Earth are the wolf, snake and deer. Gems are smoky quartz, topaz and tiger eye. The tarot suit is the pentacles or coins. Herbs that accentuate the Earth are vertiver, galbanum, geranium, bergamot, sandalwood, rosemary, peppermint and basil. Its tree is the oak.
When I feel the Earth I feel growth, abundance, grounding, and quiet. Living in the Pacific Northwest I am constantly amazed by the abundance and proliferation of life. If mankind were to evaporate it would only take a few years for the Earth to take back all we have built over the past thousand years.
Working with earth in magic is the grounding before centering. We use Earth energy in spells having to do with prosperity, stability, work, food, health, healing and growth. In the Witch’s work Earth represents “To be silent.”


Gnomes are the Earth Elementals. They maintain the structure of our planet. They create the forests, the trees, the plants and the flowers. They design all the crystals and rocks, they are very skilled craftsmen. The term gnome perhaps comes from the Greek word "gnoma" meaning "knowledge". So the gnomes are the knowing ones.
The female gnomes bring out the nurturing side of our nature, the males the hard work ethic. Females are abundant and ripe, males are solid and sturdy. I think of the Emperor and Empress when I think of the Earth Elementals. I specifically think of the Gaia deck and the beautiful ripe woman surrounded by fields of bounty. I know gnomes are visualized as small dark people that tend to live in dark forests and caves, but the mother earth visual seems abundant and rich to me. The masculine side occurs to me as solid and quiet. Steady and slow. His depth balances her wild growth.
Earth Elementals can help us to attune to nature; they help us feel grounded and connected. We can connect to a feeling of determination, steadfastness, endurance and appreciation for what we have. Though too much work with just the Earth Elemental can lead to feeling bogged down and not able to move.
We talk about someone being down to earth when we are talking about a person who is solid, who you can count on. Someone who is grounded in power, deep, steady and persevering.
There is an amazing huge Western Red Cedar outside my front door with a bit of a stumpery growing around it. Out the big window I see a forest of cedar and hemlock. Last night we brought the dogs out the to a mountain forest for a walk. As I walked the path with the yellowing leaves fluttering down, and the softness of the earth beneath my feet I looked around at the moss covered trees and rocks and forest flooring and I thought to myself, if ever there were gnomes, this is where they would live. I could sense the life and the magic there. I am looking forward to waking those trails during each of the seasons and seeing the changes of the Earth.

Ghob - Earth Elemental King

I spent a lot of time looking for information on the Elemental Kings and there just isn’t that much out there. This is an excerpt I found from the Practice of Magical Evocation.

Ghob's body appears to have an underlying stone quality, though he appears human in quality not as a creature of stone and his skin is olive-brown toned. His large frame is carried by bulky, firm muscles. The creases and crevasses of his body are all lined with dark soil. His hair and beard seem to be made of minerals soil and vegetation. His brown eyes are set deep into his stern, scowling face. His features move slowly as he moves and expresses himself and he speaks in a metered deep voice, often drawing out the vowels of his words or pausing between thoughts. We have encountered Ghob both in royal armour and a traveling tunic. His armour is made out of dirt-covered metal, and adorned with stones and minerals. From his shoulders hang a rich-looking, deep green cape. Around his neck he wears a large black stone necklace encircled with metal, which has a deep hypnotic quality and on his hands are large and heavy rings. His crown is set with jewels that obscure the bronze metal beneath them. When seen in a tunic, it is simple green with a golden hem, cinched at the waist with a green and gold twisted cord. In both vestments, he wears boots that appear to be for hunting. The thongs of his right boot secure a knife there. When encountering him on the astral he may be seen sitting on a large throne of carved stone, again covered in gems and various stones. When Ghob sits upon his throne his body seems to become one with it. He has a feeling of great potential energy, much like the energy stored within objects about to fall, though the feeling of it is far more intense.
Terra appears as a mature, but not elderly, woman who is in her third trimester of pregnancy. She has dark brown skin and hair that is like the fertile topsoil of spring but crystal green eyes. She has a warm and perpetual smile. Terra wears a flowery crown made of many different types of growing flowers.

Archangel of Earth Auriel

Archangel Auriel is also sometimes referred to as Uriel. It is challenging to find information on the Archangels that is not embroiled in either Catholocism, Enochian magic or the Golden Dawn.
Uriel is Great Archangel of the Earth.  Auriel is known as “the keeper of the mysteries which are deep within the planet, underground and in the hidden depths of the living world." I have seen Auriel as referenced as female and Uriel as the male version of the Archangel. I think for us magic workers it would depend on what type of energy you are wanting to bring forth; if you want power and strength, then Uriel; if you want abundance and growth, Auriel.
The feast day of the Archangel Uriel is celebrated July 28. While this seems contrary to Earth’s time being Winter, it is completely consistent with the growth and abundance of nature. She is at her fullest in the summer. According to Corinne Heline:  "The beautiful Uriel stands guardian over the activities of the summer.  The ripening of grain and the floodtide of blossom are under his guidance.  The highest initiatory teachings belonging to the New Age... are under the direction of Uriel."[ii]

Water, Air and Fire will follow later this week!

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Monday, 6 October 2014

The magic of Chives

Written by one of our fabulous students Willowmoon:

Chives - the common name of Allium Schoenoprasum, the smallest species of the edible onion genus. 

A perennial, it is native to Europe,Asia,and North America. They are cool season, cold tolerant and planted in early spring. They attract bee's and butterflies to it's pink blossoms. 

The leaves and flowers are edible. They are good for edging paths and borders, they make an excellent companion plants deterring pests such as carrot root fly. 

Flowers in June and July, sowing in March, April, May, June and July, position full sun. 

Other common names include: Cive, Cive garlic, Sweth, Rush leeks, Civet.

General historical usage: The historical (untested) use of Chive was to expel worms and intestinal parasites and as a mild antiseptic. 

Gender: Male
Astrological sign:Scorpio

Large quantities can cause stomach irritation, but also lower blood pressure. Along with its cousins garlic, leeks,and onions, chives help prevent cancer and treat high blood pressure. Chinese medicine suggests these to be used for colds, flu and congestion.

Historical use was for digestion, it is thought , because of the iron present, that his would be a good herb to treat anemia by iron deficiency. 

If harvesting for magickal uses, harvest close to noon, on a Tuesday. 

A story is told that during the approach of Alexander the great (356-323) the people of Siberia appealed to him (in honour to his upcoming wedding to Princess Roxana) with their only treasure -Allium schoenoprasum - because it was believed to be an aphrodisiac. This belief remained until the 19th Century.

The herb quickly gained the reputation of chasing away evil spirits and disease.  For this reason it was planted outside the bedroom windows of young children and brought into the kitchen. It is not uncommon to see them hanging from ceilings or tied to bed posts. If you feel evil spirits are just nagging at you go for a walk in the woods with the intention to locate some chives. When you locate some sit down and tell them your troubles - then ask for protective assistance. If you feel they heard and are willing gather one fresh stalk, slowly chew until you have eaten the whole thing .

If evil spirits are upsetting your homelife, plant 13 clumps of Allium Schoenoprasum evenly around the foundations of your home.