Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Enter into the world of the dark goddesses...

Dark Goddess Online Course

This course starts 31st October 2015

£25 (approx $38.48)
(£20 for Kitchen Witch School students)

Set over eight weeks and sent direct to your inbox (we also use dropbox.com)

Taking you on a spiritual journey of discovery with eight of the dark goddesses:
Kali, Lilith, Persephone, Hecate, The Morrigan, Inanna, Baba Yaga, Nephthys

PDF booklets & MP3 meditations for each of the gods packed full of history, myths, correspondences, crafts, recipes, spells, offerings and daily devotions. You will also receive access to a private facebook group.

To order see our online shop via www.kitchenwitchhearth.net

Monday, 14 September 2015

Competition Time!

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We have a competition running...

Like our page, share the image to your own page and pop a comment below the competition on our fb page to say you have shared (don't forget to keep your settings on public).

For a chance to win a FREE 3 month trial at the worldwide online Kitchen Witch School (worth £30)
(Current students can enter...the winner will receive 3 months free.)

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Arc of the Goddess

Last year we decided that we would not run Kitchen Witchworkshops this year or do many fairs to give ourselves a bit of free time to study, we felt that we had been so busy we hadn't been feeding our own spiritual cravings.

So we signed up for two different courses...sadly neither turned out to be what we were looking for, so in true Kitchen Witch style we wrote our own...

Arc of the Goddess was the result, this is the course we really wanted to do ourselves so we will be doing just that, when it launches on 1st August we will be working through it on a day to day basis alongside the students and we are incredibly excited about it.

A year long online course taking you on your own personal journey through the magical energy of each month, working with different deities, meditations, crystals, herbs, crafts, magic and foods; this course will help you connect and discover your own personal pantheon and ultimately the Goddess within...

Monthly pdf lessons & MP3 meditations to download, private facebook group to share & connect, full guidance and support throughout the entire course and beyond...

Total cost, one off payment £50 (approx $76.79)
(£45 for Kitchen Witch School students)

For more details or to book hop on over to www.goddesspathways.com or our online shop via www.kitchenwitchhearth.net

If you don't have time to start on 1st August it will be open registration so you can jump on board any time you like.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

A Hades Journey by Starlitenergies

This meditation has been written by one of our lovely students Starlitenergies, it was so good we had to share it with you all...

A Hades Journey

This meditations intent is to descend into the Underworld and meet with a Dark Goddess. I’m assuming you would already have a vague idea if you were going to undertake such a meditation that it’s not likely to be an easy journey to take… You may not like what you see or experience.

You should also be aware when journeying in the Underworld to not eat or drink anything offered to you while still there, keep it for safe keeping or politely refuse. Speaking of being polite, the creatures and beings you may potentially encounter deserve respect, thank anyone that you interact with, and remember this isn’t fluffy bunny stuff, they’re not going to look like angels, well maybe the avenging kind! LOL! ;)

If you free yourself enough to truly experience, I expect there may be eye water, and how do I know this? Well it happens to me every time!! LOL!

Before starting this meditation it’s useful to have something to hang on to, it’s really easy to get lost down there. Before journeying I like to burn frankincense as a blessing to the Theoi, I also like to make an offering, usually wine! I also hold on to something real - a crystal, usually a Labradorite (my personal preference)! OK here we go!

Find a comfortable position, sitting or laying down; keep your arms loose and your legs uncrossed.

You’re at the top of a winding staircase…

As your foot touches the first step, a wave of blissful tranquillity passes through your entire body.

You arrive at the second step, feeling calm and relaxed.

You step down a third time, sliding deeper into a state of relaxation.

Now you take a fourth step down, feeling even more relaxed.

And now you take a fifth and final step. You are feeling completely safe, and completely relaxed.

A sunlit field opens up around you, animals and insects in the long grass. Wild flowers bloom and carry scents on a warm breeze.

You notice a beautiful brilliant bloom. You bend to pluck it from the earth.

As you straighten, the earth underneath you begins to shake and rumble. The entrance to a cave rises in front of you.

Do you hear voices? Laughter? Shouts? What do you smell?

You step forward… your bare feet moving toward the dark cavern, toward the voices. A cool breeze lifts your hair and prickles your skin.

You cross the threshold, and the earth rumbles once more, sealing you inside. You’re not afraid, you’ve come here for a reason. You know with certainty that you must take this journey.

You reach out, and discover a flaming torch within your grasp. You take it from its holder and move slowly forward.

The path you follow lit only with your torch slopes downwards. You follow, listening.

What do you hear? Can you smell anything? Can you see anything?

You reach an intricate iron gate. A cloaked figure asks you to leave something behind… anger, resentment, jealousy, envy, suspicion, revenge. You are accepted once you’ve shed something. You move forward.

The floor beneath you has changed; it feels warmer, cobbled stones.

The cavern opens up to a lazy river; on the other side you see a domed island.

You notice a beautifully carved boat and a ferryman cloaked in deep green robes. You reach into your pocket and find a golden coin. A voice speaks to you. It asks you to give something else up so you may cross the river…

Ushered off the other side by tall muscular warrior guards you face a carved wooden gate. You are asked to leave something else behind before entering…  

You move forward into a square. White marble, columned buildings rise from paved streets. People and creatures mingle around you. It’s gloomy here. Beings queue up to meet their fate. (The Erinyes)

You glance up, a crossroads sign pointing in different directions. You choose your path.  

As you walk what do you notice? The path is lined with offering bowls, wheat, barley, olives, crystals, herbs, wine, water,  what do you pick to take with you?

You reach what seems like the edge of the earth, and step through another intricate iron gate. Shady groves of trees surround you. There is a dark tree (a poplar tree) in the middle of a meadow alive with sporting and musical activities. Ribbons sway in a breeze off the tree limbs.

You are asked if you are ready to meet your Dark Goddess. You must answer.

You are instructed to strip naked, to bare all. You are instructed to leave your offering here and sit under the tree. You are left alone.

You hear distant beating drums and turn to see a female figure approaching you.

What does she look like? What does she say? Does she give you anything? Remember… do not eat or drink. Accept and keep for later. Be polite. Thank her.

When you are ready she will guide you away from her realm. She will take your hand and you will move, fast. She will leave you at the entrance to the cave.

You walk through the entrance into the sunlit meadow and towards the steps. Upwards you must travel.

As your foot touches the first step a wave of awareness washes over your mind and body.

You arrive at the second step, able to hear your surroundings in reality.

You step up a third time, feeling the weight of your body, your surroundings.

Now you take a fourth step up, you are able to wriggle your toes and fingers.

You take a fifth and final step. You open your eyes and you’re back. Rest… 

Friday, 24 April 2015

Celtic Gods Oracle Cards and Course...

As you lovely people seemed to like our Celtic Goddess Oracle card set so much (for which we humbly thank you) we decided that they needed a companion...so we have created the Celtic Gods Oracle card set...a bit of balance...you can use the oracle card sets independently or you can mix them up and use them together.

The cards will be published on 1st June but are availble to pre-order now via our online shop www.kitchenwitchhearth.net

As a little thank you we are also running a competition, everyone that pre-orders a set of Celtic Gods oracle cards will be entered into a draw to win a £10 Kitchen Witch gift voucher which can be used in our online shop against any of the products or courses.

We also have a new 8 week course launching on 1st July:

Celtic Gods Online Course (open worldwide)
Set over eight weeks and sent direct to your inbox (we also use dropbox.com)
Taking you on a spiritual journey of discovery with eight of the Celtic Gods:
Aengus MacOg, Balor, Cernunnos, Dagda, Gwyn ap Nudd, Lugh, Manann, Wayland
PDF booklets & MP3 meditations for each of the gods packed full of history, myths, correspondences, crafts, recipes, spells, offerings and daily devotions. You will also receive access to a private facebook group.

Details in our online shop or via www.goddesspathways.com