Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Chaldean Order by Starlitenergies

The Chaldean Order by Starlitenergies

How the Planetary hours and days are calculated…

While it may seem like they are random in order, it seems that it’s actually a somewhat complicated affair! Each day is divided into 24 hours as we know. This is determined by the time from sunrise to sunset divided by 12, and the time from sunset to the following sunrise divided by 12. The planetary rulers of each hour follow the Chaldean order. This is the order of the planets from Saturn to the Moon according to their increasing average daily motion. 

The Chaldean order of the planets seems to be: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and, Moon. Therefore, Saturn’s hour is followed by Jupiter’s hour and so on down the list.

The planetary rulers for the days are determined by what planet rules the hour of sunrise. In planetary ruler ships, a day is not midnight until the following midnight. A day is sunrise until the following sunrise. Each day, we cycle through the 7 planets used three times each, and then the first three planets in another cycle for a total of 24 hours (ooo a threefold cycle). The next planet in order is the ruler of the sunrise hour for the following day, and therefore the ruler of the following day.

As an example: If Saturday begins with Saturn ruling the hour of sunrise. Hour 1 (sunrise) – 7 takes us through a complete Chaldean cycle. Hours 8 -14 and 15 -21 completes 2 more cycles in the Chaldean order. That leaves Saturn ruling the 22nd hour, Jupiter ruling the 23rd, and Mars ruling the 24th hour. That completes Saturday, and brings us to the first hour of the following day. It is ruled by the next planet in the order, the Sun. Because the ruler of the sunrise hour becomes ruler of that day, the Sun’s day (Sunday) follows Saturn’s day (Saturday). This continues in an unending pattern, giving us the daily ruler that our weekdays are named after!

So how can we use the planetary hours and days?

This is one of the most basic applications of astrology. The energy of the planet ruling the day is increased on that day. Likewise, the energy of the planet ruling the hour is strong during this hour. Makes sense! This gives astrologers deeper insight into the influences of a specific time. It is also a way to select a time with more appropriate energies even if the ruling planets aren’t strongly aspected. You will have used a combination of planetary energy. For example, if you are planning a date Mars – Venus is a classic romantic combination. Try a Mars hour on a Venus day – this is always easy to determine, Mars rules sunset and the following hour on Friday evenings!

The use of planetary hours and days can be applied, even by non astrologers. Why not make a planetary hour chart for a week. When planning any activity choose a combination of hour/day with ruling planets whose energy seems appropriate for a more successful outcome. Actually this method has long been used by gardeners and herbalists. Planting as well as harvesting can be more productive if you choose the hour/day of the planet ruling the specific plant in question. This method, combined with moon phases, and moon signs can give amazing results! For herbs, harvest during the hour ruled by the planet reflecting the intended use of that herb.

There is an unlimited amount of uses for this method in spiritual matters. Meditation and chakra work can be greatly enhanced this way. Whatever chakra is ruled by the planet who is ruling the current day or hour is more active. For witches, use of planetary hours and days is quite traditional I feel. The most effective spells and rituals are performed on the appropriate day, at the appropriate hour. Some consider this incredibly important (I tend to be a little more impatient personally!! LOL!) Although anything that’s made such as incense, magical waters, amulets, talismans, and so on can be given extra strength by choosing the best time to make them!

Monday, 19 January 2015

Herbal Pathways Online Course

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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Seven Day Motivation Spell by Autumn Ravenflower

A seven day spell tied in with planetary magic to boost motivation written by our very own Autumn Ravenflower:

I will set myself up a small working altar for my seven day spell and use one candle holder but seven colour corresponding candles for each planet and day. I will carve the planet symbol on each candle and use if possible crystals and herbs/plants that also correspond with that planet. I will also use the numbers associated with each planet. For example, one of Mars numbers is 25, so I may cast that day's spell at 25 minutes past an hour.

There are many incense blends that I could buy for each planet correspondence but as I don't have those to hand, I will smudge with frankincense to create sacred space and stimulate positive energies.

The first planet I am going to start with is Mars. I'm starting with Mars because this is the most potent one to start with I feel. Mars Beneficial is winning and taking action. The zodiac sign connected with Mars is Aries, my sun and moon sign and Aries are energetic and want to make things happen!

Mars day is Tuesday is perfect for starting new goals and finishing long overdue projects. So this all ties in nicely with the spell that I am writing.

Set up on my altar will be the following:

A red candle - this is one of Mars' two colours but I chose red as it also corresponds with the Mars element of Fire and red speaks to me of a passion to get the job done.

Mustard Seed - this fiery seed is excellent for success and strength.
A garnet which is one of Mars' stones.
Lighting the candle I will ground and centre and invoke the planets energies by saying:

"On this Tuesday, the day of Mars
I call upon its energies and power
As I burn this candle red
It's strengths I will devour”

After the third time, I will say "so mote it be!"

Day Two: Mercury

Now I have set the wheels - or planets - into motion, so to speak, Mercury will set the spell on the right course to move forward. Mercury's beneficial influences include helping memory and communication. Eloquence in writing and a great time for study.

Wednesday is a great communication day.

Set up on my altar will be the following:
A pale blue candle - pale blue which is one of Mercurys colours speaks to me of a quiet confidence. Calm and reflective to embark on my "doing" journey ahead.

Daffodils and dandelions are associated with Mercury for their bright ideas and high communication. It is the wrong time of year for those but yellow is a good colour for clarity so I will place on my altar some yellow citrine and Amber which enhances thought and memory - just what I need! Also cloves to improve memory and focus.

Again I will light my candle, ground and centre and say:

"On this Wednesday, the day of Mercury
I call upon its energies and power
As I burn this candle blue
It's strengths I will devour”

After the third time: "so mote it be!"

Day Three: Jupiter

Now this is where things really get moving! Jupiter has a way of lighting a fire under us and making us get a shifty on. Thursday is known as one of the most productive days. Jupiter takes its name from the Greek God who was king of his pantheon and was a highly confident larger than life deity. Things got done when he was around and utilising the planets energies will ensure that started tasks are well under way now.

Set up on my altar will the following:

A purple candle. Purple is one of Jupiters two colours and purple means to me passion, which is what I hope to achieve to undertake my tasks fully.
Sapphire is one of Jupiters stones. I do have a sapphire ring so that will be placed on it.
Thyme is a plant that is associated with Jupiter. It is also used in Magickal workings to keep a positive attitude if facing difficult tasks.

"On this Thursday, the day of Jupiter
I call upon its energies and power
As I burn this candle purple
It's strength I will devour"

(3rd - "so mote it be!")

Day Four - Venus

Venus speaks of love and contentment and by now, the spell is over halfway there and should be starting to manifest.

The Goddess Venus, who the planet was named after, was born from the seas and the waves moved her to her final destination. Using Venus's planetary influences, my spell will gradually now move forwards to its final destination too.

Set up on my altar will be:
A pink candle. One of Venus's colours, pink is a soft colour, rosy and warm.
Venus's stone is emerald but as I don't have one, the next natural choice is my rose quartz.
An apple. Associated with Venus but also as a symbol of fertility and nourishment. Fertility and nourishment in achieving my goals and tasks.
Silver is also suggested for beneficial workings so I will also place a silver piece of jewellery on my altar too.

"On this Friday, the day of Venus
I call upon its energies and power
As I light this candle pink
It's strengths I will devour"

3rd - "so mote it be!"

Day Five - Saturn

Things are really on a roll now! Venus's energies might have led me to think that things are all rosy now but I mustn't be led into a sense of security - I need to concentrate on the task in hand and get my intent into my spell on this, the homeward lap of my seven day spell.

Saturn's energies are more likely to get you to get the jobs done that you need to. Saturday - it's day - is best for studying and homework. Saturns energies will really crack that whip to ensure I'm not even thinking of procrastinating.

Set up on my altar will be:
A black candle - for power and strength
Onyx - One of Saturn's stones. This will also keep you stabilised, grounded and focused.
Ivy - plant associated with Saturn also corresponding with development.

"On this Saturday, the day of Saturn
I call upon its energies and power
As I light this candle black
It's strengths I will devour"

Day Six - Sun

Although Sunday is generally thought of as a rest day, Suns energies are also about expressing, expanding and growth. Time to see those tasks and chores come together - reaping what you have sowed. The Sun is nurturing all the good you have put in so far.

On my altar I would have:
Orange candle - one of the Suns colours also represents personal strength
Nutmeg - for clarity of mind
Carnelian - increase ambition and drive and also one of the Suns crystals.

"On this Sunday, the day of Sun
I call upon its energies and power
As I light this candle orange
It's strengths I will devour"

3rd - "so mote it be!"

Day Seven - The Moon

Last day of the spell. Interesting day to finish it on and I had to check in which phase the moon would be in on that day. Monday, the moons day is a time of quiet, rest and relaxation. After using the planets energies for seven days, I will indeed need to relax and rest.

The last day of the spell will be two days after the full moon. On the fifth day of the spell, the moon will be full and this will be a time of great energy and power. As the moon goes into waning gibbous two days after, I can use its energies to contemplate, relax and let the fruition of the spell commence.

Items for my altar will include:
Silver candle
Stone: pearl. One of the moons stones and used to heighten imagination.
Potato: a plant that corresponds with the moon. Also for stability and firm foundations.
As this is the last day, I will plant the potato in the earth to represent fruition of the spell, firm its foundations so to speak.

"On his Monday, the day of the Moon
I call upon its energies and power
As I burn this candle silver
It's strengths I will devour"

After the third time as I say "mote it be", I will plant the potato in the soil outside.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

On the twelfth day of Yule...Pine


The scent of pine is good for bringing us back to ourselves, for centring and focusing.

An excellent herb to use in all kinds of Dragon magic.

Pine also brings with it a strong magical protection for your home and also a sense of hospitality and welcome. Keep pine needles in your home to bring in abundance (I would suggest keeping them in a medicine pouch rather than sprinkling them as they are uncomfortable to tread on).

It is also a useful herb to use in truth spells to find out hidden knowledge or secrets.

Use in incense blends to protect and purify your home or sacred space. I like to add a few drops of pine essential oil to my floor wash.

Use pine cones in fertility magic workings and healing spells.

Pine Magical Properties:

Centring, focus, Dragon magic, protection, truth, abundance, purification, fertility, healing
Ruling planet – Mars, Saturn
Sign - Capricorn
Element – Air, Fire
Gender – Masculine

Saturday, 20 December 2014

On the eleventh day of Yule...Nutmeg


(Myristica fragrans)

Nutmeg hails from a tall tree with smooth greyish bark that flowers three times a year. It takes nine years before the tree produces its first crop. The nutmeg we are familiar with is the seed which is covered by an outer shell that we know as mace, they are separated and then dried.

Carry nutmeg with you for good luck and to attract money to you. A whole nutmeg makes an excellent good luck charm.

Sprinkle nutmeg (powdered not lots of whole ones…) around your property to protect against negative energy.

Keep a whole nutmeg under your bed to ensure that fidelity in your relationship stays solid.

Nutmeg is sometimes used in place of High John the Conqueror in spell work.

Nutmeg Magical Properties:

Money, luck, fidelity, protection
Ruling planet – Jupiter
Sign – Sagittarius
Element – Fire
Gender – Masculine